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++the paintings of Kim (Keek) Richardson

photo by Stephanie Greene

I long for a magic carpet. I practice the witchery of bringing darkness to light. I'm an advocate of balance, a mirror, a patron saint of discarded objects, a back alley nomad, a  connoisseur of trash, a painter of found objects. I think love is the perfect elixir. My paintings are invitations to journey inward and ponder your own paths or deeper universal truths.



Public Role
(Equivalents of "Kim Richardson")
Identity: Linguistics
Component: Bitch, Boy, Cloak, Dawn, Fish, Gun, Lady, Rain, Sin, Wand, War
Distant: Anarchy, Ballet, Bliss, Book, Cage, Chance, Charm, Cold, Community, Courage, Cyan, Devil, Door, Earth, Ebony, Elegance, Fame, Fascism, Fertility, Finance, Flood, Funk, Fury, Galaxy, Gasp, Gem, Giraffe, Grace, Hate, Heart, Heat, Honor, Immunity, Infinity, Ingenuity, Kaleidoscope, Leap, Lizard, Magenta, Misadventure, Mist, Monolith, Pearl, Platinum, Pope, Profanity, Pursuit, Puzzle, Rabbit, Retribution, Riddle, Robot, Rum, Sculptor, Sea, Secret, Shadow, Ship, Staff, Stage, Steel, Strategy, Technology, Temptation, Trance, Ugliness, Vatican, Virility, Vogue, Voyeur, Wife

Private Persona
(Equivalents of "keek")
Identity: Arm, Life
Product: Chronology
Mirror: Deck
Distant: Adversary, Affair, Alien, Ally, America, Animal, Anticipation, Apocalypse, Audio, Cabaret, Camera, Celebration, Circle, Coin, Consort, Demand, Devotion, Dream, Duke, Flesh, Globe, Home, I Ching, Invention, Joke, Jubilation, Key, King, Lens, Lion, Lock, Monster, Moonlight, Rapport, Resistance, Snake, Submission, Surrender, Synergy, Tomb, Trumpet, Typhoon, Universe, Vortex




Selected Exhibitions


Investigating The Cries Of Crows
Garner Narrative Contemporary Art
Louisville, KY

Poetry Scores Art Invitational
to "Jack Ruby's America" by Missouri
poet laureate David Clewell

Mad Art Gallery
St. Louis, MO

Subi Dura A Rudibus
Solo Exhibition
Gallery of Contemporary Art
St. Louis, MO

As Above, So Below
Prima Materia

Pop-Up Group Exhibitions
Curated by Kim Keek Richardson
Locust Street
St. Louis, MO
2007, 2008, 2009

The Dirty Show
Juried International Erotic Art Exhibition
Detroit, MI

5th Annual Environmental Art Show

Curated by Vince Packard
Featured Artist
Kent, OH

The Triumph of Stuckism
An International Symposium
Curated by Naive John
Liverpool 2006 Biennial
Liverpool, UK

Art for AIDS
Juried Exhibition
University of Missouri, St. Louis

Fantastic and Visionary Art Tour

A traveling exhibition of Visionary Art, including works from the
international movement inspired by Ernst Fuchs and HR Giger.
Curated by Damian Michaels and Alan Sisley

  • Orange Regional Gallery 13 August to 14 September 2003

  • Manning Regional Gallery March 18 to April 18 2004

  • Riddoch Regional Gallery SA 30 April to 27 June 2004

  • Ballarat Regional Gallery VIC 23 July 2004 to 5 September 2004

  • Paramatta Heritage Centre December 17 2004 to January 30 2005

Venus Envy
Invitational Group Exhibition
Curated by Mallarie Zimmer
Lemp Brewery
St. Louis, MO



holding horses. kim richardson.

keek, it does a body good.